La Jolla, CA (UTC)


Cuisine Pictured: Eureka! American Cheeseburger: American Swiss, grilled red onion, butter lettuce, tomato, pickles, special sauce

Price: $10

My Review: Eureka specializes in burgers and beer, and although the burger was satisfactory, the service was not. The waiters had little patience and often ignored our requests. As we were finishing our dessert, our waiter slapped the bill on our table without a word and left. We ordered sweet potato fries as an appetizer, which were supposed to include cinnamon and honey, and didn’t. After asking several waiters, we were only able to get a peculiar spiced ketchup and no cinnamon. Overall, the dining experience at Eureka! was horrible, and I would only recommend it for take-out. 5/10

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